Rogue 24 was a restaurant set on 933 N Street NW at the rear of Blagden Alley in Washington DC. They were closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but open for the rest of the week. On Wednesday to Saturday they opened their doors at 6pm and closed at 10pm. On Sundays the opening hours were between 6pm and 9pm. While the opening hours were not very extensive, it was worth making a date to visit Rogue 24 restaurant to sample their delicious, and unusual take on American cuisine.

A fabulous setting for your evening meal

What made a visit to Rogue 24 all the more exciting was the setting. The industrial style décor gave the place a really modern and trendy feel, so it’s not surprising it was popular with younger people. The food was cooked in an open kitchen so you could see your food being prepared. If you were the sort of person who worries about the hygiene and practices behind the scenes in cafes and restaurants, you didn’t need to worry at Rogue 24 as you could watch chef RJ Cooper and the rest of the staff preparing every item for you. Right in front of your eyes!

A new perspective on food creation

Rogue24 were always a step ahead of the crowd. They loved to innovate and come up with new ideas, while still focusing on classic cooking techniques and ultimately, the flavor of their dishes. They would take classic recipes and use a wide range of high tech equipment and modern cooking techniques to conjure up something almost magical.

Chef RJ Cooper cooked up a storm in the showcase kitchen

Renowned chef RJ Cooper was also the owner of Rogue 24. It was his first restaurant and it opened its’ doors in 2011. He grew up in Detroit and learnt to cook at an early age by watching his mother, and his Sicilian grandmother in the kitchen. He always had a great interest in cooking. When he was in high school he took the initiative and found an apprenticeship with a local bakery. After he graduated from high school, he went on to attend a culinary school. After doing well at the culinary school he found work as a chef, and that’s what he’s been doing ever since. When he was younger he worked under some top name chefs such as Eric Ripert. During his time with Eric Ripert he worked as the chef du cuisine at Vidalia and earned a prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef in Mid-Atlantic. That was back in 201l, shortly before the opening of Rogue24.

Chef Tender Bryan Tetorakis brings science into the restaurant

Bryan Tetorakis has always been inspired by art and invention in mixology. Since his first job as restaurant dish washer at the tender age of 14, he’s been compelled to learn more about good and cocktails, from the history of recipes, to how food is sourced and the processes it goes through. For Bryan it’s all in the detail. His mixture of chemistry and artistry brought some fabulously innovative cocktails to Rogue 24 restaurant.

Super talented pastry chef added yet another great reason to visit Rogue 24

Giane Cavaliere was the pastry chef at Rogue 24. She was born in Sao Paulo in Brazil and came to the USA back in 1994 to study photography. Despite following a career in fashion and beauty, it was pastry that really fired her passion and imagination and she set her heart on becoming a pastry chef, which she certainly achieved with flying colors.

Meals that are packed full of surprises

Ever thought that your meal is just over too fast? No sooner have you sat down, your food arrives, you’ve eaten it and it’s time for a quick coffee then you’re out of the door again? This all changed with the experience that was Rogue 24. Have you wondered what the number 24 means? Their address wasn’t number 24, so what’s it all about? Well it’s all to do with their extra special dining experience that they called The Journey Menu. This menu consisted of a whopping 24 courses!

The word ‘rogue’ comes into it because when RJ Cooper told Jeffrey Buben of Vivaldia about this concept, he commented that Cooper was ‘going rogue’ hence… Rogue 24!

This certainly was a journey, a journey through a culinary wonderland! This is not the official website of Rogue 24, the restaurant has now closed down, so sadly you can no longer experience this amazing food journey. We hope other restaurants step into their shoes and offer a similar ultimate foodie experience in the Washington DC area.

For those who felt that 24 courses would be just a little overwhelming, Rogue 24 also offered a 10 course version of the Journey menu, with each course chosen by the chef, to work as a 10 course offering.

Each dish is a work of art

On your 24 course Journey, or indeed when you sampled anything from any menu at Rogue 24, it was an experience for all your senses. All the dishes were created with your eyes in mind just as much as your taste buds. With the 24 course Journey Menu, you were presented with 24 small but perfectly formed dishes, each one more exciting than the last. It was suggested that you set aside a good four hours to complete the Journey at a leisurely pace, giving you time to savour each morsel.

Smaller, yet no less wonderful menu selections

For those looking for something a little less extravagant and time consuming, there were also other menus. One offering five courses, and one with three courses. For those opting for the three course menu, you’d get a usual meal of one appetizer, one entree and one dessert. If you chose the five course menu then you got to choose two appetisers, two entrees and one dessert. Both options were chosen from the same menu, and the menus changed every fortnight. You could always view upcoming menus on their website to see which week you preferred to visit, but really, you could go any time and you’d always be blown away by the quality and flavor of the dishes on offer.

A la Carte offerings

For those who didn’t want a three course meal, or prefer more options to choose from, there was also a reasonably sized Al la Carte menu.

Always lots of surprises

It didn’t really matter what you ordered, or which menu you ordered it from. The best thing about Rogue24 was that you never really knew what you were going to get! Each dish came with some delightful surprises. Dining at Rogue 24 was a real adventure.

Confused? No problem!

With such innovative dishes, you may well be given a dish that you simply stare at. It’s beautiful, but what on earth is it? The great thing about Rogue 24 is that the staff would come over and talk you through each dish if you were interested. You’d learn about all the ingredients, and also the preparation methods involved.

The most interesting of cocktails

There were certainly no ordinary cocktails on the menu at Rogue 24. Just like the food, the cocktails were quirky and that little bit more special that anything you’d tasted before. Perhaps you’d get perfumed ice in your drink, maybe you’d go for a drink that contained a spirit, infused using a rolo-evaporator. Or maybe you’d opt for something made with their own house made bitters and syrups. If you couldn’t decide what to drink, you could simply tell your server about the flavors you preferred and spirits you liked, and they would concoct something original, especially for you!

Five star service with the ultimate attention to detail

The staff at Rogue 24 were never in your face, they didn’t hover over you while you tried to enjoy your meal, but somehow they always seemed to know just when you needed something, often even before you did! It was the attention to detail that really made the service truly outstanding. If you visited the bathroom, you’d return to find your napkin neatly folded. If you gave the slightest shiver, they would bring a shawl over for your shoulders.

An incredibly interesting experience all round

There was never a boring moment at Rogue 24. Each course you were presented with was deserving of careful viewing, photographing and then tasting delicately to enjoy every tiny bite. Between courses you’d sip on an amazing and unique cocktail while watching the chefs put together the next artistic creation with and outstanding level of precision and finesse.

The perfect venue for a special occasion

Rogue 24 was a special place, that was perfectly suited to a special occasion. You wouldn’t want to dine there every night, and most us couldn’t have afforded to, but for a birthday or anniversary, it was a real treat that couldn’t fail to give you some fantastic memories.