More about the restaurant Rogue 24

At first glance, from outside, down a back alley, you wouldn’t perhaps think Rogue 24 was anything particularly special. Just another of the many restaurants in Washington DC. In this city you’re certainly not short of places to dine, and when you go from one to another, it can all become much of a muchness. Of course you can eat foods from different nations, you can have a spicy Indian curry, a traditional American hamburger or go for an all you can eat Chinese banquet, but even with a great deal of choice, we can still get bored!

While we all have our favorite places to eat out in, the difference between our favorite place and all the rest is usually pretty small. Lower prices, slightly better service, something on the menu that you really love the taste of, or just a bigger portion.

Rogue 24 was totally different from anything else

This was so not the case when you had a meal at Rogue 24. Rogue 24 wasn’t just yet another restaurant. You couldn’t compare it to any other dining establishment. What Rogue 24 offered was just something unique. It wasn’t the type of place you’d visit if you were in a hurry. It certainly wasn’t somewhere to grab something hot and filling in a hurry. You wouldn’t pay a visit to Rogue 24 on your way home from a bar or on your way to the theatre. A meal at Rogue 24 was your entire night out. It was a massive special occasion, and never more so then when you opted for the real treat of the whole place, the 24 course tasting menu!

A little look back at the past

While this is not the official website of Rogue 24, we hope we’ve given you a glimpse into the unique dining experience that was Rogue24 and just what a different type of place it really was. So much skill and talent was contained within those walls, and we know everyone involved will be doing some amazing things using these talents elsewhere, it’s just a shame that Rogue 24 is no more, Washington DC just isn’t the same without it!