How to choose which restaurant to visit

How do you choose which restaurant to visit? Do you often feel disappointed because you’ve made the wrong choice, wasting your time and money on a meal that just didn’t hit the spot? Here are our tips for getting it right every time!

How much time do you have?

If you’re in a hurry, then you won’t want a tasting menu and you won’t want to visit a restaurant that offers a slow and relaxed, leisurely dining experience. If you’re in a rush, go for something that’s generally prepared fast and you can eat quick without getting indigestion.

Is this a special occasion?

The more special the occasion, the more luxurious a restaurant you should pick. That usually means spending more money! But, if it’s a real treat night out, then it’s worth it isn’t it?

Find a place that matches your budget

Ever sat down in a restaurant then checked the menu and found it’s REALLY expensive? It’s too embarrassing to get up and leave because it’s too pricey, especially if you’re on a date, but it’s awful to then have to try and pick out the cheapest thing on the menu and order tap water because the wine list is really expensive too. Look at menus with prices before you visit and you’ll always be able to visit a restaurant that’s within your budget.

What’s the vibe like and what do you want?

Find out what the atmosphere is like in the restaurant. If you’re trying to impress someone on a romantic date, then loud rock music in the background isn’t going to make for a romantic mood! Likewise, if you’re out for a meal with a rather outspoken friend, somewhere lively might be the best option.

Read reviews

There are some amazing restaurants out there, but of course there’s always restaurants at the other end of the spectrum that unfortunately aren’t so great. Just because a restaurant looks great from the outside, and they’ve put a lot of effort into their décor, doesn’t mean that their food is any good! So how do know how to sort out the good from the bad? The trick is to read lots of reviews. Check out reviews in reputable newspapers and magazines and also see how restaurants score on Trip Advisor.