More great restaurants in the DC area

We’ve taken a close look at luxurious 24 course tasting menu of Rogue 24, but of course, you don’t always have time for such an extravagant dining experience. We take a look at a wider range of alternative restaurants located in the Washington DC area.

Lucky Buns

Simple and relaxing, offering up delicious burgers and pub style food, Lucky Buns at 2000 18th St NW Washington DC is run by Chef Alex McCoy, serving up traditional burgers with an international twist. Lucky Buns is open until the early hours of the morning, and you’ll often be treated to some great live music while you dine.


If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, then Chiko is well worth checking out with their Chinese Korean fusion foods. You’ll always find something a little different on the menu at Chiko, great if you love Chinese food but you’ve already tried everything on the menu at your favorite local takeaway. The squid ink fried rice with smoked catfish is well worth a try, and you must never visit Chiko and leave without tasting their signature sorbet. It’s to die for!

Hank’s Oyster Bar

Hank’s Oyster Bars show that chain restaurants don’t have to be dull or low quality. Seafood lovers will adore the fresh oysters, mussels and lobster served up here. You can also sample a wide range of cocktails, and even beer based ‘beertails’! We recommend the lobster deviled eggs and the oyster po’boy. You can also book space at Hank’s Oyster Bar for your private event.

Brothers and Sisters

If you loved the surprises and quirkiness of Rogue 24 then you’ll also enjoy a visit to Brothers and Sisters owned by Erik Bruner-Yang. Located in the lobby of The Line Hotel on Euclid Street, NW Washington DC, you’ll find the menu full of some strange yet delightful dishes. How about a roast octopus hot dog? Open from 6.30am until midnight, Brothers and Sisters is conveniently open just about any time you feel hungry. They also offer a range of protein rich and raw menu items.