Highlights of a meal at Rogue 24

When you chose the tasting menu at Rogue 24, which was known as The Journey, you really did go on a journey, an excursion that pushed the boundaries of visual food preparation and sensational tastes.

There were surprise around every corner and we’re going to mention a few here. You may even have been lucky enough to have experienced some of these highlights.

Great beverage pairings

When you ordered the 24 course The Journey tasting menu, it was well worth also treating yourself to the wine or beer pairings that were on offer. Each drink was carefully chosen to match each course and perfectly complement it. There was also a non-alcoholic version, so if you didn’t drink, or you had to drive home, you didn’t need to miss out.

Perfectly delightful dishes

When it came to the food, there were some wondrous and truly inventive dishes served up to you. The lamb tartar was always highly rated. The wagyu beef was divine. The grilled snail with basil sauce might have sounded a little odd to start with, but once you got brave and tasted it, it was really a delight. Fluke crudo with radishes was a popular item on the menu, as was the fried anchovy with lemon. Even something as simple as roasted beets was given the luxury Rogue 24 treatment and turned into a dish packed full of flavor.

Out of this world ice creams

You certainly couldn’t fault the ice cream that was a huge surprise when they announced the flavors to you. You could expect something that sounded crazy but tasted absolutely gorgeous. They would serve up wondrous concoctions such as beef ice cream, cheddar cheese ice cream, peanut ice cream and avocado and horseradish ice cream!

Watching the chefs was a big highlight

What made Rogue 24 stand out from the crowd was that you could watch the chefs preparing all your dishes right in front of you. When you can see the dish being prepared, you could see the level of care and the precision it took to carefully place each ingredient on the plate.