The Rogue 24 restaurant in Washington DC

Ultra cool stylish interior

Located on Blagden Alley, you can totally see why Rogue 24 opted for an ultra modern, yet industrial interior décor style. Walking in from the street, it felt almost seamless. It was as if the exterior has dictated the interior, or that the interior had always been that way. The perfect mix of rustic industrial styling, with a modern, almost futuristic twist. However, this was all planned to the last detail. Every aspect of the interior of Rogue 24 was designed, planned and created specifically to give the customers the ultimate dining experience.

Perfectly lit

The atmosphere in Rogue 24 was luxurious, yet relaxed and comfortable. This was partly due to the attention to detail with regards to the lighting. Different types of lighting were used in different areas, and it created an almost magical effect.

Well suited for a romantic meal for two

You perhaps wouldn’t think that industrial style décor would be that well suited to an intimate romantic meal, but Rogue 24 was certainly a brilliant choice if you were looking for a lovely place to take someone you love. Whether it was Valentines Day, a birthday, an anniversary or simply a special treat for no reason, your other half would always be impressed if you took them to Rogue 24. You’d see it on their face as soon as you stepped through the door. If you were going on a first date and someone treated you to a meal out at Rogue 24, then you knew they were pretty serious about you!

Or to impress a business contact

However, because the décor was not overtly romantic, Rogue 24 was also a great place to entertain people for business. They would go away with some great memories, they’d have a lovely time, and of course, every time they looked back on their visit to this unique restaurant, or mentioned it someone else, you and your business would be in the forefront of their mind, that’s a very positive thing when you’re entertaining a client!

It really was perfect for so many occasions. Everyone loved the design of this fantastic restaurant.