An inspirational fine dining experience at Rogue 24

Welcome to our tribute site for Rogue 24 restaurant. Rogue 24, in our eyes, was ahead of its time. The cutting edge, futuristic culinary techniques used were a wonder to behold, and you could actually see much of the creative genius and preparation of each dish as their kitchen was open to the public view. Basically, ever table in the Rogue 24 restaurant was a chefs table.

It was a great concept as it really built up the anticipation to taste the flavors of each course, as you saw the love and attention to detail they put into the minute presentation of every last little detail.

A truly unique dining experience

Once you’d eaten at Rogue 24, you never forgot the experience. This food went way beyond simply being a meal, some tasty fuel for the rest of your day ahead. A trip to Rogue 24 was like going on a fantastic vacation, a vacation with first class flights and a luxury hotel! It was art, it was theatre and it was food all rolled into one.

Even the cocktails were something out of the ordinary. You’d never get anything as simple as a Pina Colada or a Mojito at Rogue 24! No, you’d get a unique invention you’d never heard of or tasted the like of before. You’d get extra touches and surprises such as perfumed ice, or a dash of a sumptuous home made syrup.

Memories that lasted

For anyone that ever dined at Rogue 24, especially those who were lucky enough to experience The Journey Menu, the restaurants famous 24 course menu, there will no doubt have been a lot of memories made there. The dishes delighted the senses, and the emotions. It really was a journey. Imagine the thoughts you have when you’re presented with a dish of ice cream and told it’s beef flavor! Disgust? Confusion? Utter disbelief? Then you taste it, just to see what it’s like, and you discover that despite all your reservations, beef ice cream actually works! It’s delicious! It was this playful and sometimes crazy culinary experience that made dining at Rogue 24 something really special.